Volunteering and getting involved


All volunteers will receive training and support through workshop opportunities. They will be contributing to work being carried out by the projects historians, historic landscape specialists and archaeologists.

Get involved

Whether you are an early career academic or an enthusiastic amateur, volunteering to search the archives and records or assist in field surveys is a great way to build up relevant research experience and skills. There’s little better than finishing a day tired and happy knowing you’ve contributed to the broader understanding of the world around us. This is also an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends with a shared interest in heritage and history.

The tasks

Natural variations within landscape types and the intricate patterns and structures visible make interpretation using the human eye often the only solution. Join the project to learn how to read the historic landscape, both at workshops and on guided walks of the area as we attempt to discover the landscape of 1461.

A wide range and a large number of Archives and Records are available, because of this and the size of the overall task, we need help, and we are therefore seeking public involvement in our project through volunteering if research is your particular interest. We also need to collect local stories and knowledge, to record local and community history associated with the battle.

There will be an opportunity to learn about the battlefield archaeology, take part in training and suitable volunteers invited to join in field work as detectorists.

Register you're interested in volunteering with the MX1461 project online HERE

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